Veterinary Technician, Part Time

Zoo New England
Franklin Park Zoo in Boston, MA

Position:  Veterinary Technician, Part Time

Location:  Franklin Park Zoo

Department:  Animal Health

Reports To:  Hospital Manager

Schedule:  Sun, Mon, Tue, 8 – 10 hr days

Essential Duties & Responsibilities

Provide husbandry and nursing care of all hospitalized and quarantine animals. Prepare for medical and surgical procedures, responsible for set-up and break-down of those procedures. Participate in medical and surgical care of all animals at Zoo New England and Trailside Museum. Performance of in-house laboratory procedures, including complete blood counts, fecal examination, urinalysis, etc. Daily data entry, record keeping, and filing are required. In the absence of a veterinarian, perform triage and direct emergency care of animals. Other responsibilities as required.

Minimum Job Requirements

Must be certified or eligible for certification as a veterinary technician in Massachusetts and nationally. Must be willing to work in direct contact with dangerous animals, contagious diseases, and in hazardous conditions. Must receive rabies immunizations/titers, annual TB testing, and have an understanding of zoonotic disease risks. Able to work weekends, holidays, overtime, as well as outside and in inclement weather when needed. Must be able to obtain class A firearms ID, class III driver's license, and pass CORI screens and random drug testing. Must be willing to learn new techniques on the job and to work within a diverse team. Clear written communication skills are essential. Able to lift 50 pounds.

Preferred Job Requirements

At least three years practical experience working with exotic species. Knowledge and experience with laboratory procedures, especially manual blood counts. Knowledge of anesthetic techniques and patient monitoring. Knowledge of protocols and procedures for preventative health maintenance of captive animal collection. Knowledge of handling and use of relevant pharmaceutical agents and their administration. Knowledge of criteria used to judge relative health status of animals. Knowledge of dietary and husbandry requirements and physical restraint of exotic and wild animals.

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